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Goodbye to the Phabas

I've been having troubles off and on with launching Sims 3, plus I'm kind of bored with the Phaba Family. So I'm quitting them and focusing on the Bones family and my new Sims 4 family, the Dillons. I'm updating again in a bit with the first post for them. Yahoo!

Sim Stuff....shocking, I know

Woohoo!! Two people have voted on my poll! Sadly, one vote was for Birdie staying on the lot, and the other vote was against. LOL We shall see if anyone else will break the tie.

I'm exhausted this morning because I lost track of time building a mansion-y estate type thing last night. It's shaping up to be magnificent. But damn...I'm so tired. I wish I had unlimited time to build really dynamic lots in the game. Maybe some day. Until then, super flat lots are the way I'm going. haha!
Family Gnome

Steam Sale!!

Steam is having a Halloween sale…and the Supernatural EP was on the list for eight bucks.

Since I’ve been keeping an eye on that for months now, waiting for it to go on sale, I purchased the hell out of it.

Soooooo excited. This'll be great for my Bones family. *evil laugh*